Rooster Magazine’s THC Classic is the only blind–judg­ing cannabis competition in Colorado, which means, to avoid bias, all submissions are repackaged without any labels or branding before being given to the judges. Each year, licensed dispensaries, wholesalers and manufacturers all compete to see who has the best flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape pens and infusions in the Colorado marketplace across 16 categories. Each category has a panel of five judges, who meticulously review each strain based on a set of criteria. This year we had over 250 submissions; here are the winners from our 7th annual THC Classic.


Hand washed in a ice bath from a mix of fresh frozen Sour Face and Strawberry Banana Sherbet (grown by Verde Natural), pressed into Live SHO (solventless hash oil aka “rosin”) from resulting 90μ Ice Oil (water hash). Overwhelming fruity flavor with a hint of sour at the end. Balanced high and guaranteed to stink up the room once opened.
Verde Natural
5101 Colfax Ave, Denver/302 Pearl Street, Boulder

Strawberries and Cream Premium Rosin

“The Strawberries and Cream conjures a seductive nocturne. Cookies dripping in a bouquet of floral fruits led by the strawberry will literally make your mouth water. Presenting you with a classy relaxing high, the Strawberries and Cream provides a small refute from the world to ease a weary spirit.” -Samuel McDuffee


Using just Ice and Water to isolate the Trichomes, then drying and preserving them in the best possible way we know. Selecting only the perfectly terpene filled, all to bring them to you just like they are right off the living plant.
762 Kalamath St., Denver