This year the unofficial Colorado Music Party has bumped up its music presence in Austin by … oh let’s just say a tad.

The Colorado Music Party is once again descending on the streets of Austin, TX during its music portion of the two-week long conference. This year, however, they’ve decided to bump up the Colorado presence by … oh let’s just say a tad.

This year's event will be the third consecutive time the CMP is in Texas, but will be the first it goes from a respectable 2-day shindig to a very exhausting sounding 5-day event, which takes place March 17-21. It’s also bumped the lineup to more than 120 bands — most with its base here in the state, but some nationals as well with connections to the Colorado industry.

South by Southwest is one of the world’s largest tech/film/music festivals that is rumored (no real data exists on actual numbers) to bring more than 2 million people to Austin every year. The official epicenter of the event itself is plenty to admire, but it’s the flourishing unofficial festivities that really give it the meat of experience. For miles every single business, sidewalk, home, alleyway, van or park that’s able to hold live music, does. The saturation of it can at times be overwhelming, but for music lovers it’s considered the Mecca of music — regardless genre affiliations.

The Colorado Music Party is — at least for now — an unofficial event and will be at a venue called The 512. It will host two stages in the midst of the bustling 6th St. and is presented by Colorado Creative Industries, the Colorado Tourism Office and SpokesBUZZ — a Ft. Collins based non-profit that “raises global awareness of Fort Collins sound and culture by bringing worldwide attention to local bands,” via its site.

Yes, we think hauling more than 500 musicians into a city for the sole purpose of representing Colorado may make a bit of an impression …

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