#BearSelfie #DeathByGrizzly #Oops

As a population, selfie enthusiasts are well-known for their disregard of common sense as they march on in their never-ending search for that next elusive ‘like.’ To the selfie-centric, it doesn’t matter if they’re in danger or their lives are on the line as long as they snap that one side-angle they know is gonna shoot up to an unprecedented 43 likes on Instagram.

This is a happening we recently covered in our recent article, ‘Death by Selfie,’ but it’s also something that’s happening right here in Colorado, where a group of locals has decided to risk their lives for a new kind of death-defying selfie.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the #BearSelfie, Colorado’s newest favorite way to almost die.

The #BearSelfie is now so popular in Colorado that Denver officials have decided to temporarily close bear-rich Waterton Canyon to visitors in order to control the problem before the inevitable human casualty happens.

The archetypal #BearSelfie usually features a duck-faced user with their back turned to the wild animal. This means they’re very vulnerable for an attack, as noted by Matt Robbins, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman:

“It’s a poor choice from our perspective,” Robbins told the ABC station 7NEWS Denver, “A.) to get that close to wildlife and B.) to turn your back, particularly on bears.”
Live wildlife and specifically bear selfies are being taken at parks around the country this summer; however, Waterton Canyon is the first to actually make an attempt to save humans and their ‘like’-lust from themselves.

There have been numerous incidents of bear attacks on public lands already this year. This past August, A 63-year-old man was brutally killed by a grizzly bear while he hiked in Yellowstone National Park. Also last month, a woman in Connecticut was stalked and attacked by a pair black bears.

Maybe the selfie is a return to a form of social Darwinism. Where the predisposition to ‘selfie’ will slowly be removed from the gene pool one fierce, dismemberment, Grizzly mauling at a time. Through the unremorseful bowels of Grizzly we may transcend.