It's a sign the black market is still a thing — but jesus, why?

Here’s the thing: We have legal weed in Colorado — so much so that we give it out to the homeless sometimes. We voted to legalize it a few years back so we wouldn’t have to get involved in sketchy affairs for a come up. Now, we walk through a door, flash a current ID, pay a little cash, and walk out with as much of the freshest of kind our little hearts desire in hand.

At no point would we ever go rogue and buy from some rando online — like this brainiac did in Denver, who ultimately got busted for it.

Posing as an illegal grower in an online sting operation, one officer posted a photo of a near-finished grow on Facebook, with the subject: “Getting close to peak!! Taking orders now!!” — the overuse of exclamation points clearly signifying that he’s hip to the scene, and not, in fact, a cop.

Court documents allege 26-year-old Sean Edelson eventually responded to the post with: “I’m the type of person that will take everything, every time.”

The two parties then arranged to meet, the arrest report claiming Edelson showed with a suitcase full of $64,000 worth of cash.

When the cops searched Edelson’s place of residence they found weed, cash, probably some furniture and hash extraction equipment.

For fuck's sake, we have a good thing going here, let’s not ruin it by trying to buy 36 pounds of weed just because it may be a little easier now and there’s still a bustling black market. There’s a lot of trouble out there lying in wait if this is the type of bullshit you’re trying to pull.

If you’re wondering whether or not Edelson has a case for entrapment? Likely not, as explained in the CBS4 report below. Dude would have to prove that they set him up in some way, and coming at an officer of the law begging to buy his haul is a good way for that defense to break down before it even begins.

As in the case with the series “To Catch A Predator” — had Chris Hanson not been there asking those men to "sit over there for me, would you?" — all of those perverts would have fucked a 12-year-old kid. That’s not entrapment, that’s just people being complete idiots and gross.

Don't buy weed from the Internet — it's probably the cops.