Dear crew… not the appropriate time to party, love everyone. 

We all know flying can be hectic. Between crying children, possible cavity searches, terrorist attacks, lost luggage and the occasional canceled flight, everyone tends to be on edge when traveling by plane. Not having to be responsible for anything, however, passengers can and do drink themselves numb to make hours-long flights feel more like 30 minutes (half of which is likely spent in the bathroom trying not to puke from turbulence-gut).

But no matter how drunk passengers can get, we'd all like to believe the staff operating flights are sober and aware of dangerous surroundings — especially the pilots. Not so for an entire  crew of an airBaltic flight from Norway to Greece who decided to hit the sauce before take off — unaware there would be a random alcohol test.

"At least the pilot made a great wine recomendation!"

We can only imagine the look on the crew's face when the lot of them saw police waiting on the plane to breathalyze them. It wasn't like the crew was a little tipsy, either. The Police found the captain, the first officer and two flight attendants were all shmammered — each blowing well above the 0.02 percent limit.

"Did someone say happy hour?"

Most people with a brain wouldn’t get in a car with someone who was that drunk, but these people were in charge of flying a plane with over 100 passengers, and had the intention of doing it drunk.

At least Norwegian police caught the crew before they killed a bunch of people. Proving that Norway does still need police and that the person who might crash your plane is the drunken college-dropout in charge of flying it …