A group of Californians tired of the liberal, high-tax government in Sacramento say they've found a way out.

The U.S. Constitution says states can break away from other states. So these conservatives are creating the new state of New California; mostly rural counties inland (the bue ones in the picture above).

Urban counties on the coast — from Los Angeles to San Francisco — would stay part of original California.

"In the rural areas we do not have any representation," Paul Preston, the head of the move for the new state of New California, told us.

The media has noticed, and the New Californians are shouting their intentions. Every Tuesday for the foreseeable future, representatives are "airing their grievances" live on Facebook from the steps of county courthouses.

"My best guess is that 90 percent or better, this is going to happen," Preston said.

Supporters say it has to. 

"I might have to relocate if this doesn't happen," said Jeff Crow, a movement leader in Fresno. "It's just simply too expensive to run a business here." 

The backers like to talk about how it's urban vs. rural, but the divide often seems to be people who watch MSNBC vs. people who watch FoxNews.

The first reason that Ruth Haring, another leader, gave us for wanting a new state is that California's attorney general isn't following federal immigration law. Basically: he's not helping Trumpy kick out Mexicans. "That sort of puts us into civil war territory," Haring told us. Her second reason was voter registration laws that could make it easier for undocumented immigrants to vote.

Other reasons given by the website for a new state:

  • "Homosexual education."

  • "Indoctrinating our children to accept Islam."

  • "Girls as young as 12 [obtaining] an abortion."  

Another name for this state could be "The New State of InfoWars."

Paul Preston himself is a right-wing radio talk show host fixated on the idea that the U.N. intends to control the country.

Without weed and gay Islamic sex followed by copious abortions, how much fun is New California going to be? And, if you're in those inland rural California counties and you're reading Rooster Magazine, here's something to note:

New California does not embrace marijuana. The website says "marijuana groves … threaten our citizenry."

Would New California ban cannabis? "We'll see," Preston told us. 

The world is divided into people who think they are right. New Californians will keep voicing their righteous anger every Tuesday in front of Old California courthouses. Check their Facebook page to watch them live.