Admit it, we all like to watch once in a while. Since we can't be at Mardi Gras, why miss all the fun?

Much like every other tradition in the states, the annual Mardi Gras festival has been overrun with revelers who probably have no idea what they’re celebrating come Fat Tuesday. But the rampant debauchery, drunken bafooning and overall excess actually do play in to the almost two-week long Catholic stretch of letting go. It’s kind of the point.

The annual event, especially in New Orleans, is world renowned for its displays of unrestrained behavior and general drunkenness. Fat Tuesday — this year on Feb 17 — is what many consider to be the “last hurrah” before the fasting of Lent, which begins the day after on Ash Wednesday (hangover day). More importantly, it’s incredible material for those of us who just want to sit and watch idly by — online!

Yes, we’ve gone and found plenty of live webcams that companies like EarthCam have set up all over the city of New Orleans. While it’s only around the afternoon (as of press time) and things haven’t turned up like mad, we have been able to kill a few hours laughing in our offices to things like “Karaoke Cam,” the live feed of “Bourbon Street” and a view of the fabled “Cat’s Meow Balcony.” This is what entertainment is all about.

If you need us anytime soon, we’ll probably be around drinking a few too many ourselves, but staying well out of the way of local police and disastrous crowds.

Head over to EarthCam’s site for more feed options. The Tropical Isle bar and NoLa Live also have their own setups for more views of the city.