It's that frosty time of the year again along the Front Range, a time where millions crawl up the mountain in their COEXISTING Subarus to ride the freshest powder Mother Nature has to offer. But with it comes an uncomfortable truth: you're probably just not that equipped to make the journey enjoyable. That's why we spent months Googling everything on Google to find the top 5 best products shredding season has to offer. And it wasn't at all done haphazardly at the last minute to fill word count. Not sure what you heard, but that's a damn lie!

Electric Heated Socks
Global Warming. Pffft. Fake News! Then why in the winter are our feet: So. Damn. Cold. All. The. Time?! With Mermaid Loving’s rechargeable heated socks, you’ll be sitting in your own climate change with nary a shivering tootsie in sight. The reviews are in, and they’re warm.  //  $45

RideEasy Portable Footrest
The RideEasy Portable Footrest blasted through its crowdsourced fundraising with its unique fix to a nagging problem — droopy, tired legs while riding up the lift. The device attaches to your boot and has a cable connected to the chair to relieve pressure the whole way up. Doubles as a snowboard lock, too. Sweet.  //  $30

Browsing History Medical Bracelet
Y’all backcountry folk know ducking ropes and ignoring signs is a great way to end up 6 feet under, or 60, depending on how bad the avalanche was. Be sure your reputation is safe when they dig you out with the “Delete My Browsing History” medical bracelet. After all, you know what you did. //  $27

Send It BierStick
Did you just wake up from a nap and want to send it? Get all après ski with the Send It BierStick — a way to bypass things like taste and just go right for the silly. Simply fill the tube with your drink of choice, wrap your lips around the mouthpiece, and let ‘er rip.  //  $30

RideOn Smart Goggles
Another years-long crowdsourced idea finally ready for the market is the RideOn AR Smart Goggles. They feature in-lens GPS readings, temperature, altitude and the company even promises games directly embedded into the user’s line of sight. Like Xbox, only realer.  //  ~$1,400