Time to start obeying those rules like everyone else …

The window of opportunity where one can act like a raging asshole while pedaling through the streets of Colorado as if laws don't apply to them is quickly coming to a close. 

As Denver's CBS4 reports, local police are ramping up efforts to teach fair weather bicycle commuters about the rules of the road.

Denver Police Lt. Kevin Edling tells the outlet that anyone riding a bike can't be all V for Vendetta about it and act as if they're completely oblivious that road signs actually exist.

“You’re the same as a car,” he says. “Think of yourself as a car.”

Which means no running red lights, no running stop signs, following the orders of one-ways, and no texting while you're riding — as if that's even a coherent and logical thing to do in the first place.

Sidewalks — where pedestrians often times have to let their dogs shit without cleaning it up — are also off the commute table, except in certain instances:

  • When the sidewalk is part of a designated bike route
  • When you are within one block of preparing to mount/ dismount at parking (speed limit 6 MPH)
  • While delivering newspapers

So unless you're by some exceptionally bizarre reason still delivering newspapers like you're 12-years-old and this is 1983 again, chances are you're to stay off the walkways where pets need to have a structured bowel movement.

Basically, riding a bike is like anything else in life: Be cool and nothing bad happens.

Obeying the rules of the road makes it so you are cool. It really is that easy.