Huge missed opportunity here, Granite Shoals Police Department. Huge.

In an effort to show that cops really can make themselves appear less trustworthy than they already are, the police department of Granite Shoals, TX recently posted a fake Facebook status claiming that meth and heroin in the area may be contaminated with Ebola. The Facebook post was labeled as “breaking news” and encouraged people to bring their drugs into the police station for testing.

Like any health concise meth user, Chastity Hopson, 29, brought in her meth for Ebola testing. Of course, there was never actually an Ebola risk, and she was promptly arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Darn.

Thus proving that meth users don’t have the best critical thinking skills and that cops are kinda dicks. What if the meth "was a gift" for someone else and she just wanted to make sure she didn’t give someone else Ebola? Did you think of that, Granite Shoals Police Department?

Following the arrest, the police department predictably received plenty of e-criticism for the fake status. Many online users posted how upset they were that the police department used the threat of a disease that recently killed over 10,000 people in West Africa to trick people into turning themselves in for drug possession. Additionally, people believe their sketchy tactics of drug enforcement will breed further distrust of the local police force.

Of course it will.

Following the arrest, the police department posted another Facebook status saying they had found the “winner of the Facebook post challenge” with the mug shot of Hopkins. There's gotta be nothing better than winning worlds dumbest meth user challenge. Later they posted another dick-ish status saying:

“Please continue to report any possibly tainted methamphetamine or other narcotics to the Granite Shoals Police Department. Public health and safety continue to remain our #1 priority. #notkidding,”

We're actually really starting to like these cops … no fucks given.

Though this whole thing is pretty ridiculous, why didn’t they wait few days until April Fools Day to pull off this stunt? Huge missed opportunity there, Granite Shoals Police Department. Huge.

cover photo: The Heizenberg Effect