Cops aren't paid for their sense of humor. But on this 4/20, the national holiday for the plant that makes everything funny, police from Minnesota to Florida are busting out some of their funniest tweets of the year. 

Cops in Denver today went rhyming and punning into the twitterverse. Here they are on the day's musical lineup: 



And here: 



In other parts of the country, where weed is illegal, the cops angled for busts. In Pasco, in West Central Florida, they've made an ingenious offer: 



Hundreds of stoners read this and immediately DM'd them: "Come over; I have a huge stash of a strain called Deez Nuts."

Maplewood, Minnesota, police are also luring in dumbasses who are fans of Sooper Troopers: 



For cops in Tukwila, Washington, Wayne and Garth were their weed icons. 



Maybe the prize for best sense of humor goes to the Iowa State University Police Department, who made a double joke: that stoners and cops both love donuts, so it's going to be a rough day. 



They put this up earlier this year, but it's still awesome: 



And then there's the theme of the era in cop weed tweets: the stoner trap. 



They must be on a mind meld with the cops in a city in Minnesota called Wyoming, who had almost the same tweet: 



They went with the same joke last year:  



And another variation on that theme: 



See! 4/20 is like Christmas; it brings love to all and peace among men, even cops and stoners.