Uh oh … texting while driving is our favorite!

Everyone knows that texting and driving is illegal, but everyone does it anyway. And if we do get pulled over, there's no way cops can prove someone was texting … because they were "totally just changing the music on my phone!"

But that flimsy excuse is about to die, because lawmakers in New York have phone-hacking tech ready to roll … but it smells like a huge invasion of privacy.

From the summary of the bill:

Provides for the field testing for use of mobile telephones and portable electronic devices while driving after an accident or collision.

Basically, the bill states that drivers involved in an accident will have to submit their phones to police or face suspension of their license. Phone testing will be done anonymously, which means people's texts, phone calls, photos, etc. will not be monitored by police. Instead, police will analyze the phone's metadata to determine if it was actively being used.

But there's no way this technology could be used for evil. Government officials don't do that, so we'll be fine. Right?

As per the Colorado state law, cops can pull you over if they see you texting, which can lead to a whole series of problems. If they're really feeling agressive, they can ding you $50 right then and there. If a bill like this passes in CO, they'll be able to nail your ass for an extra fine after they ding you for an accident.