We sat down with an acquaintance of ours who we hear makes a damn good living dealing weed on Craigslist. We got him to talk business, self-defense, and the rules of slanging weed through the internet's most reputable website.

We sat down with an acquaintance of ours who we hear makes a damn good living dealing weed on Craigslist. We got him to talk business secrets, self-defense, and the rules of slanging weed through the internet's most reputable website.

And since he'd rather remain anonymous, we're going to take this rare opportunity to give him a pseudonym to end all pseudonyms: BigDaddy69.

So, BigDaddy69, you deal weed on Craigslist, which is just about the most brilliant idea ever. What's it like?

For the most part it's rather amusing and fun, I meet a lot of different people. When I first started it was weird and a bit sketch.

How long have you been doing that?  How did you start?

Well, I started the whole Craigslist thing back in September 2013. The way I started was real random. I had remembered that 3-4 years prior, my cousin and I used to buy pounds of weed from a guy on Craigslist. So I decided to quit my shit-paying job to post and ad on Craigslist just to see how it would do. I haven't looked back since.

Why would someone want to buy weed from you now that recreational pot is legal?

Well I offer a unique service. I bring Denver's best bud straight to your door, without the crazy 30-40% tax. Cheap, top-grade Cheeba delivered straight to you. It's perfect if you don't have a vehicle, or you're too lazy to get it yourself.

How much do you deal with at a time?

Anywhere from an eighth to two ounces, but for my medical patients, I can carry more.

Where do you get your weed from?

Private growers and local dispensaries.

How do you make a profit?

The weed is "free." I "give" it to them, and they tip/donate to me for my time and my gas. So I'm not technically selling it to them, I'm giving it to them and then accepting donations. I require you to tip/donate $35 for an eighth to be delivered.

What if someone only tips you something lame like $5? Do you ever lose money in your deals?

I don't accept any tips/donations lesser than $35 unless you're uber close to me. So, no.

How much do you make a week?

If I had to break it down, roughly around $1200-$1500 per week. $150-$300 a day.

That's more than a webcam girl. Do you ever do trades?

I trade anything worth trading! I've gotten brand-new, in-the-box laptops, tablets, iPods, and gold.

Can we trade hugs for drugs…


How do you deal with competition? There's other weed delivery people on Craigslist.

I don't have competition really. My prices and product sell themselves.

How illegal is this shit? How do you fly under DEA/ police radar?

I wouldn't say I "fly under the radar", I just feel the DEA/police have bigger fish to fry than me. I deal nothing more than a couple ounces. The DEA is more worried about drug lords, cartels, and organized crime. Local police are looking for sales/distribution to minors,  drugged driving, and things of that nature. That and I have some balls and not many fucks to give.

What's one thing you refuse to do when delivering weed?

I refuse to give to minors and I don't bring business to my house.

Do you fuck around with other drugs?

I do not. I've gotten in too much trouble because of them.  The weed game is chill.  I hate dealing with crack heads and moochers.

Do you carry anything to protect yourself in case shit goes sour?

I keep a Calaway Big Bertha golf club in my car. I am a golden glove boxer and know my way around a fight. I'm also not scared of guns or knives. It's my life or yours, and you can't take mine easily.

You've got a girlfriend … what does she think of the whole thing? Has it affected your relationship at all?

My girlfriend supports me 100% on anything I do. We haven't had to worry about money for a while now, so she is happy.  She helps me make my edibles and saves my money.

How long do you plan on doing this? Do you have an end game?

I plan on doing this until I can't anymore.

What are you going to use all this money for?

To pay off financial debts. Bills. Basically catch up on my life as far as money and bills go. I plan on moving to a bigger house to set up my own personal grow. Also, I want to find private investors to invest in a dispensary. Edible companies. Wax manufacturers. The sky is the limit in Colorado.  I want to take it as far as I can go.

What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you on your escapades? Do you get shot at?

Somebody recently asked if I'm afraid of getting shot or something. I responded by telling him that you'll know if someone is going to shoot you. In the past, when I sold ecstasy, coke, acid, and other harder drugs, I had been robbed at gun point in the back seat of my friend's car. I ended up grabbing the gun out of his hands and beating him up a little bit. His friend shot at the car and then they ran. I've also been pistol-whipped and robbed when I was 12, so I'm not as afraid of it happening anymore.

As far as my Craigslist weed stuff goes, my clients are a cult of stoners. Everyone I've dealt with is rather cool. Some weird. Some creepy. But not violent whatsoever.

What are two things someone should know if they want to get into the weed delivery business?

If you want to be in the "biz" then I suggest you learn to drive real well. Abide by all traffic laws so you don't get pulled over, have your car in order (no car, no business) and learn how to get from Aurora to Littleton in 30 minutes.

What kind of music do you listen do when you're driving around all day?

Right now I jam Kevin Gates' new album "By Any Means", RITTZ "Life and Times of Johnny Valiant", Big Gigantic "The Night is Young", and some good ol' reggae.