Crazy Town, ever heard of them? Apparently Seth “Shifty Shellshock” Binzer isn’t dead and he’s forging a comeback with his musical partner Bret “Epic” Mazur. The two of them started Crazy Town back in 1995, which was a time that embraced the rap-rock culture and one that catapulted the act to glowing success. The news is something that’s popped up in the media before, as a 2007 comeback had also been scheduled, but never came to. We remain skeptical, but the new videos the band has released would suggest otherwise.

The iconic assemblage is probably best known for their all-too-catchy, breakout smash hit “Butterfly” that ear-wormed itself into countless heads after its release in 2001. Since, the act has struggled to maintain any kind of successes and has had a large falling out of public appeal. The thriving rap rock scene was also eventually pulled out from under them mid-2000s as the whole thing died with the times.

But even with the generational decline, the defeats of revivals past were often overshadowed by Shifty’s battle with drug addiction. The fixation led to multiple run-ins with the courts and fueled domestic skirmishes that have kept him in trouble for the better part of a decade.

The struggles that Binzer faced took over in very real dramatics. His drug obsessions were heavily documented on numerous “Dr. Drew – Celebrity Rehab” episodes and even pushed the forgiving doctor to almost give up, allowing him “one last time” to get his shit together.

The videos have Shifty appearing healthier, in a less “Faces-Of-Methy” look and are sound tracked by more of a hip hop vibe that the artists may be leaning into. As of yet, no date has been given on when “The Brimstone Sluggers” will be released, but the YouTube clips promise soon, and when a YouTube clip promises something, by god we listen. Here’s to hoping that his shit is in fact, now together.