The Rooster office is unlike any other office you’ve witnessed. We don’t like cubicles. We’re not fans of cordoned off areas or C-Suites to separate the classes. Rooster fosters an idea of inclusive creation where ideas flow freely and the ability to inspire is rampant throughout the building. When it comes to creating this type of environment, we have a set of inextricably intertwined rules for keeping employees sharp and the creativity flowing. 


1. Provide artwork and inspiration around the office  

Being an art and humor magazine, it’s not hard to find great art. Heck, our covers are easily framed and tossed on the all for simple decorations. But to take it one step further, we added custom neon lights to the office through to ensure that even when the lights go out, the glow of the rooster always shines on. The neon light brings an added dimension of not only great looking art, but it builds camaraderie amongst the staff as they see that while individuality is encouraged at Rooster, it’s ultimately a team effort to build the brand. The Rooster team highly recommends due to the exceptionally high-quality neons, fast shipping & great prices! So, get your Neon today to brighten up your office or home space!


2. Provide social spots for the team to interact

Being creative and brilliant is a tough task. It’s draining. That’s why we ensure the creative juices never stop flowing by literally providing a bar full of creative juice for anyone feeling in a slump of humor, intelligence or mommy issues. Every Friday, we have Fireball Fridays which inevitably turns into a long happy hour and time to bond with the staff. Under the glow of the neon lights, our bar offers the perfect reprieve for team members to get away from their confining desks. 


3. Open room layout 

Cubicles always feel like ideas go there to die. The energy is curbed while the human contact remains limited. Open floor plans encourage teams to work together and offer up ideas for certain scenarios. Yes, it can get loud with the music that plays but it invites anyone to partake in a conversation, which, from a journalistic point of view, ensures you capture all perspectives and demographics. It also brings together different departments where designers and writers and programmers can all discuss projects. The synergy between departments might be one of the most important traits for any company with the success of it’s products.