In a world that moves quicker than anyone can fully process, most of us have to rely on an all but impossible thing called multi-tasking. Why focus on one singular event at hand, when we can worry about bills, think about tomorrow, stress over something that happened 5 years ago and also try not to trip over the curb all at the same time.

For German techno artist Sven Väth, having to be involved with multiple daily activites came to a head at the recent Awakenings festival in the Netherlands. Väth just couldn't wait to watch the Slovakia vs. Germany soccer match, so he did what any seasoned vet can: he watched it on his iPhone while entertaining the crowd.

Reports claim that no one on the other side of the decks was the wiser. If you're able to still do your fucking job and watch a little tele while you do it — YOLO — can't be mad at him.