When Dabbing Granny (aka Gail Olson) posted her first dab video in 2015, she almost instantly became an internet star. Who doesn’t love watching old stoner ladies rip hash-hits like champions?

She’s edgy. She’s weird. She’s higher than a kite most of time. And, now, she’s under serious fire from the internet for using racist language.

It was Sunday May 24th and Dabbing Granny was doing what she does best: ripping fat dabs and talking shit. It was normal day, and she was doing her normal twitter live feed, under the watchful eyes of thousands of internet fans. That’s when it happened: she was allegedly telling a story about her daughter, when she dropped a Hard-R, N-bomb.

“What the fuck’s your problem ni*ger?” She asks the camera.

Now, the context of that statement is murky, because the original video was quickly pulled from the internet. But the damage was already done. No matter what the context, or how fast she might have reacted redacting the clip, she couldn’t take back her words.

Naturally, the internet responded as it always seems to, when one of its celebrities’ trips over their own judgmental words: with savage unmerciful doxing.

People jumped all over her from all angles. It didn’t take long for Dabbing Granny to realize that her reputation, livelihood and 15-minutes of fame were at stake. So, she released an apology video and a written apology shortly thereafter, to clear the air:


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Regardless of whether or not you are satisfied with that apology, it’s probably all anyone can expect — and really, it’s all anyone should expect. Because let’s be honest here, people: Dabbing Granny didn’t get hired to be Dabbing Granny because she’s prim, proper and perfect. We elevated her to the status of celebrity, we put her on a pedestal for being gritty, different, and stoned. And this is the first time she’s thrown around a hard-R N-bomb, in her five years of internet stardom.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I condoning or defending Dabbing Granny’s hard-R usage — it’s unacceptable, no matter what. She shouldn’t have said it. But she did apologize. She explained herself, and, realistically, she was just acting like the stoner grandma everyone always knew she was. Does that justify doxing her to hell? Does it warrant bringing about The End of Dabbing Granny?  

It depends on who you ask. But I for one, don’t think so.