Los Angeles is cracking down on Hollywood Hills house parties.

Every weekend in the upscale neighborhood, the booze is flowin’, the music is bumpin’, and the bros are gettin’ lit.

Naturally, the neighbors are angry. They complain that homeowners in the area have been renting out their properties to young men who love to party. With more and more Airbnb guests throwing ragers, the problem is getting worse, they moan.

There have been angry public hearings, neighbors collecting evidence against out-of-control partiers and demands for tougher laws.

So City Hall is getting involved.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office is now being a total buzzkill, filing criminal charges against Hollywood Hills property owners for “maintaining a public nuisance.”

With the city council making moves to outlaw house parties, local bros and house party enthusiasts, Chad and JT, felt compelled to act. In the greatest display of activism since MLK’s “I Have a Dream" speech, Chad and JT step in to thwart a potential disaster.