Nobody in New York cares about anybody period, Brandy. Stop pouting. 

Remember Brandy? She played Moesha in a sitcom of the same name that aired from 1996 to 2001 … d’uh!

Oh, and she sang on a few monster earworms that dominated radio and television waves for a large portion of a few consecutive years back in the day … but times, they are a changin’ …

Because the world doesn’t care what  Brandy did anymore, it’s more into what she’s doing now — and the fact she’s not doing much publicly, she probably shouldn’t try and act like people need to care.

Which is what Brandy does in this clip she uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. In it she rides a subway in New York City and sings a song (beautifully, we may add), but then complains and pouts about people in the city being “rude,” acting down on herself because no one cares.

It’s not to say Brandy isn’t working: She’s on Broadway, in fact, and likely cashing check after check of phatty royalties … but she’s not Jordin Sparks or Taylor Swift right now — so no, it’s not surprising people in New York City, of all places, wouldn’t want to make eye contact with an aging popstress singing to the corner of a subway train.

Self awareness … it looks good on just about anyone.