When Jack White invites you to party and kick out the jams, you don’t say no. Especially when your name is Jack Black and you’re in the neighborhood, and you don’t really have much else to be doing.

This summer, while Tenacious D was touring through Nashville, Kyle Gass and Jack Black swung by Jack White’s home recording studio at his compound. It was a meetup that the internet and fans of indie rock’n’roll have been waiting for, for a long time: the collaboration of Jack Black and Jack White — a project that could only ever be known as “Jack Gray.”

They laid it down, and the resulting track, “Don’t Blow it Kage” is every bit as awesome and hilarious as you would imagine. The single captures Black and Gass’ anxiety about jamming with a legend like Jack White, and was pressed on a limited edition 7-inch by Third Man Records, Jack White’s record label.

Here's the track:

Tenacious D was also wise enough to create a vlog episode documenting the recent tour and their encounter at the White compound, where the magic really happened. Watch as Jack White and Jack Black merge to become the ultra-indie superduo: Jack Gray.