We'd probably blow our arms off, but we still want one. 

When we were kids, we'd always trick our parents into buying roman candles, which we would smuggle out of the giant bag of fireworks so we could shoot them at each other. And of course one of us would get shot in the eye, and the fun would instantly stop while we all scrambled to come up with good, non-firework-related excuses why Bobby's left eye was burned shut.  

But a few maniacs in Wisconsin decided to take things to a whole new level, strapping seven "Cyber Cannon" fireworks to a 3" PVC tube with handles that fires 1001 shots in about 45 seconds.

They all survived, but if we had tried to make something like this, it would've blown up like a sparkler bomb and killed everyone within a 100-foot radius. Better to leave it to the pros. 

If you think this cannon is completely badass, you might consider donating to the owner's GoFundMe page, which is set up to defray the cost of the fine he got for making this monster.