Bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off … 

Running a dating site must be really hard. Getting the right people together can be damn near impossible, so you've gotta ask the right questions. 

So if you're not getting called racist for starting WhereWhitePeopleMeet, people are gonna get mad when you ask Hitler-y questions about reproducing based on IQ. You just can't win. 

OKCupid is in hot water for asking whether dumb people should reproduce …

Yeah, that says "Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce?"

Really, the ideal combo of dating people would be those who answer that question in the same way — and they're not saying lower IQ people shouldn't have kids — they're just asking in a terrible, terrible way. 

Campaigners from the charity MenCap bashed OKCupid, accusing them being “offensive towards people with a learning disability.” The site immediately took the question down, but screenshots are forever and people are pissed.

Amy Clarke, a Mencap spokesperson who also has a learning difficulty, explained her disappointment: “I am very upset that OkCupid could ask a question about whether people with a disability should be allowed to have children.This is not OK. It is shocking and offensive. As by asking the question, they are making it seem like it is OK to say yes, which it is not. If they had asked the same question about people of different races or sexuality there would be outrage and it should be the same for people with a learning disability.”

She continued: “I am not sure if I want to have children, but I do want to find someone to settle down with. I am single and I know dating can be difficult, so it does not help when dating websites ask offensive questions. It makes me worried to use them. I think OkCupid should apologise immediately for this and remove it from their website.”

Really, we don't think anyone should have kids, so that saves everyone a lot of trouble …