My recent trip to Santa Fe was to accept an award that I had received for the event ‘Review Santa Fe’ One hundred Photographers come together to meet with industry representatives – editors of magazines, curators, collectors. The whole weekend was dedicated to photography. After a while of speaking about images, I needed a moment to actually go make some. I started walking down one of the main roads of Santa Fe, and veered off in hopes of finding some undiscovered beauty. I found her almost immediately. A woman in a large sunhat, wearing a bright red shirt and red gloves. I delicately approached her and asked to make her portrait. She instantly posed, thanked me, and continued walking. Little did I know she would be my first experience of how kind and respectful the residents of Santa Fe are.




As a woman, walking down the street alone is something I think most of us dread. The independence that we crave is fought with our internalized fear of being harassed. As I walked down the street, I really only encountered a few people. One man was with his dog, which was relieving itself on a bush. The man very politely said ‘hello, how are you?’. Taken back, I smiled and replied ‘I’m great, thank you!’ and that was it. That was our interaction! There are too many instances where men overstay their welcome, they drag the conversation on, say something inappropriate. During this walk I didn’t experience that. Not once. Just from this endeavor, I decided that Santa Fe is where the nicest, most respectful people reside. Not to mention their passion for art is incredible.





While I didn’t capture any other portraits, there were moments and color that translated well. Things I wouldn’t see in Colorado. I had a magical time exploring a catholic church that was supposed to be closed. The little door was open, so I peeked my head in and spent some time creaking around on the old wooden floors. It was quiet and beautiful. Details of outdated vintage furniture mixed with the older fresco paintings.






On my way back home from Santa Fe, I stopped at a casino. I’m really interested in Black Jack. I think it’s the only game I enjoy playing because the dealer wants to help you. That, and a Britney Spears slot machine kept me entertained for a while. I left a $30 lighter then I came in. Oh well.

Words and photos by Kelia Anne MacCluskey