Still can't get over the loss of a loved one? The "21 Gram Memory Box" gives you one more option beyond the normal 5 stages of grief. 

When your loved one bites the dust, you've got a few options: burial, cremation, stuffing and mounting them so they can stand majestically in your living room …  whatever you need to do to get through, we recommend you do it. Now, you've got one more choice. 

Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom has created a "memory box" with a bunch of fancy features, including containing a dildo with a special compartment for storing the ashes of your deceased partner.

Called 21 Grams (the alleged weight of a human soul … don't ask), the box opens using a gold-plated brass key that can be worn as a necklace, and has a speaker for playing music from an iPhone that slots into the base. Wanna play your late lover's favorite "Don't Stop Believing" on repeat? Go nuts. 

It also contains a scent diffuser and a small gold-plated urn that holds up to 21 grams of ashes inside a blown-glass dildo. And you can do whatever you want with the dildo. 

Whatever you need to do to cope with loss, that's groovy — we don't judge. We're just more interested in the options available for a grieving husband. Where do the ashes go in a Fleshlight?