Newly embedded residents of Morrison are apparently still completely unaware they moved next to one of the most prestigious music venues in the world.

Last night Denver officials held a meeting in Morrison to discuss the ongoing concerns of noise levels at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre. As it appears, residents of the small mountain town still aren’t happy about the levels they endured during last year's concert season, and still maintain their ultimate choice to move within ear-shot of a world renowned outdoor venue holds no bearing on whether or not fans receive an exciting concert experience.

The Denver Post reports the “one key change in 2015 from the regulations imposed in 2014 is that the noise limits will apply to entire performances, not just to late hours.”

So instead of a particular outfit turning the volume down at a reasonable hour, they’ll now be required to never turn it up.

This new venture means knobs will probably be stuck at 6 moving forward. So much for spending all that money on state of the art sound equipment. That’s like buying a firework and just letting it sit in your closet. What a waste …

The DP also reports artists violating any part of the new rule structure can be banned by the city from further performances at the amphitheater. Which isn’t so bad, considering most touring artists right now have anywhere from a 2-3 year shelf life before fans move on to the next fawned over reincarnation.

But even though the fun factor has been turned down to a measly “meh” and the rules have been tightened to the point of suffocation, some residents are reportedly still at odds with repetitive sounds coming from a newfangled music show. They claim the city’s main concern is money and is still not accommodating to their own well being.

Others have even brought up the idea of having electronic shows banned for good.

When asked to comment on the prevalence of gigantic houses taking over their lush land and having to dart across dangerous roads to accommodate the new citizens of Morrison, a deer simply looked at us with amusement and then took off in the opposite direction.

Subsequent wildlife was also too jittery from smog inhalation to comment on the depletion of homeostasis as we know it.