It's pretty clear that the people who sell bongs on the Denver Craigslist definitely know how to use them …

Craigslist! It's a peculiar place where human-like creatures come together and attempt to entice others into paying money for their decrepit leftover shit. But whereas most city's Craigslists are populated by practical and/or functional furniture and appliances, the Denver Craigslist—remaining true to form—is brimming with bongs, vaporizers, and bubblers instead.

It's quite a fascinating array of weed utensils and humanity alike, so we thought we'd take you on a little tour of Denver's weird Craigslist bong market. As you'll see … the people who are selling bongs on Craiglist definitely know how to use them …

Bong – $15

“Bong for sale. Nothing is wrong with it just quit smoking.”

… Quit smoking to presumably make more time to PWN ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ and ‘Metroid Prime’ on GameCube from the looks of that depressing ass backdrop, right? Glad you kept those children’s action figures in order though…


Bong – $40

“I bought a bong thinking I would start using it but turns out it's become a decoration for my dresser that I look at while smoking blunts lol. It's been used maybe 10 times ever, it'll be clean when you buy it. Just trying to send some stuff I don't use to a better home.”

No idea why the 1,000-count fleece sheet made for a better foundation than say the dresser it had allegedly been sitting on for months. Regardless, we’re calling shenanigans on the “used maybe 10 times ever” and the decluttering motive. Sounds like somebody needs to re-up and those Swishers ain’t buyin’ themselves …


Thick bong – $25 (Aurora)

“Super thick I've dropped and bounced this thing off the counter and its solid as a rock has cool etching not a cheap one that scrapes off. Clean! Comes with new bowl.. Also have hand blown thick American made pipe not cheap China glass $10"

Sooo thick… we get it dude. Your ‘rock-hard’ bong description is still creeping everyone out. Also, we can’t really tell who is depicted in that ‘cool etching,’ sort of looks like a vaping Zangief from ‘Street Fighter II’…



(No picture, must be too radiant to photograph).


There’s no picture, so either this guy is legit or he’s wonderfully trolling the Denver Metro Area. Either way, Amen. I guess we’ll just have to call Mark to find out. Don’t worry everyone, we’re putting our best gumshoe [intern] on the case…
The map showing the location of the ad listing ominously just pinpoints a broad open space in White Ranch Open Space Park. Sooo we may be hiring a seasonal intern in the near future.


Stainless steel watar bong – $100 (Denver)

Just your run of the mill “water” bong… The person doesn’t say why they’re parting ways with their beloved paraphernalia, although we’re assuming the person is probably planning on fully restocking on “Twist-up” at Wal-Mart now their Y2K surplus has reached critical levels.


gas mask-Bong – $40

“just tryna sell this bong. bought it only used once and just been sitting around collecting dust”

Ah, the old gas mask bong. Good for a solid party trick or two before the novelty wears off seeing as inhaling an eighth in a single dankubation session gets pretty expensive fairly quickly. Also, this pic takes second place in the voting for the superlative “Least Fucks Given When Photographing Your Bong for Craigslist.”


Bong – $150

(No description, too beautiful to describe).

This guy apparently had every intention of gently adding a beige glamour shot background to each bong, then somewhere between his flip phone and craigslist he never got around to cutting out the non-towel backdrop in Microsoft Paint.  A round of applause is in order…


And, on a related note:

Cool Bookshelf $10 – Boulder

“Blue bookshelf. It holds books, it holds plants, even has held a bong before. It's 10$ and it's blue. You need this.”

Half-Baked VHS – $1 (Black Forest/Colorado Springs)

Can’t blame the guy for trying. Hell, just buy it and the bookshelf and regift them for the office secret Santa $15 minimum.