We’re finally here, we’re living in the era of weed delivery! This week was a plethora of firsts as Strawberry Fields, a Denver dispensary, became the first to receive a permit for Denver delivery while Doobba became Denver's first licensed cannabis delivery company. 

The race to dominate the weed delivery market is as intense as the OG Kush they're delivering as companies and dispensaries battle it out over permits, red tape, and you know, general governmental bullshit. Cookies, Denver Kush Club, Diego Pellicer, L’Eagle and Star Buds are some of the dispensaries awaiting delivery certification but much like any industry, the list will grow in the coming months. To clarify, these dispensaries won't be able to delivery the weed themselves but will have to use a third-party to do so because, once again, general governmental bullshit. 

Being a "third party" when the flood gates open has it's perks and Doobba, a cannabis delivery company, looks to have a slight lead in getting to market. The delivery company recently partnered with Strawberry Fields to meet the city's under social equity designation requirements.

On August 19, the collaborating companies soft launched their pot delivery service by completing their first six legal reefer deliveries. A few days later on August 23, they went live to the public with their nug transportation service. Dooba owners also have plans to expand into more dispensaries in the near future. 

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver cannabis to customers in Denver and Aurora,” said CEO and Co-founder of Doobba, Karina Cohen. 

In the past, issues have often plagued the cannabis delivery industry such as delivery drivers getting mugged while out on a run. But with the city legalizing the trade and technology allowing paperless money transactions, this time around should be different. 

Weed connoisseurs can hop online to browse the deliverable cannabis menu on either Doobba or Strawberry Fields' websites. Just like Doordash or Uber Eats you can choose a set time frame for delivery and receive texts on the progression and order status.  

People living in Denver, who are either 21 or older, may order cannabis to be delivered from the hours of  8 a.m – 12 a.m . Doobba’s delivery timeframe is a two-hour window, and these drivers are able to cross jurisdictions that also allow weed delivery. Making deliverable weed available to cannabis lovers in Aurora as well.