While we appreciate the dentist's candor about his personal temptations and his assistant's beauty, you can't just fire her because she's 'irresistable.' And now, Dr. James Knight finds his testicles in a vice controlled by the Iowa supreme court. 

Melissa Nelson says she spent 10 happy years working as a dental hygienist for Dr. James Knight until he blindsided her with a pink slip, claiming Nelson was a threat to his marriage.

According to ABC news

Nelson, a married mother of two, was summoned to a meeting with Knight in 2010 while a pastor was present. Knight then read from a prepared statement telling Nelson she was fired.

Nelson sued, claiming her firing was a form of gender discrimination.

According to court documents, Knight made reference to what he believed was Nelson's infrequent sex life, saying, "That's like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it."

Six months before Nelson was fired, she and her boss began exchanging text messages about work and personal matters, such as updates about each of their children's activities, the justices wrote.

The messages were mostly mundane, but Nelson said she recalled one text she received from her boss asking "how often she experienced an orgasm."

Nelson did not respond to the text and never indicated that she was uncomfortable with Knight's question, according to court documents.

Soon after, Knight's wife, Jeanne, who also works at the practice, found out about the text messaging and ordered her husband to fire Nelson.

The couple then consulted with a senior pastor at their church and he agreed that Nelson should be terminated in order to protect their marriage, according to Cochrane, Knight's attorney.

How often an employee experiences an orgasm seems like a legitimate question from a superior… if you work in the sex trade. If Knight doesn't go out of business for his ill-timed comments, he should be out of business for being a fucking idiot — it's 2013, you can't fire someone for being a threat to your marriage. 

The supreme court has decided to re-examine it's December ruling claiming Knight was within the law when he fired Nelson because it was not based on gender. That can't be good for anyone.