It's old, and obscure, but it's ours.

Back in the early 1960s, there was an open room that would face out into Bears Stadium (the original name of the first Mile High building), which hosted a big-band setup providing the music for halftime and other events. Every time Denver scored, the band would play “The Mighty Broncos March” — all the while fans would chant along to its partnering lyrics:

Hail, Mighty Broncos, Pride of the West
Like the mountains tow'ring high, over the rest.
Fight Denver Broncos, Fight for your fame
Fight Broncos, Fight, Fight, Fight, We'll win this game.

Yippie, Oh, Ay, Take it boys, go all the way
Yippie, Ay, Oh Watch the Broncos go
Yippie Ay, Yippie Ay, The Broncos win today, HEY!
Back to the chorus now, and all join in!

While NFL teams do not, most colleges still hit games with band in tow, allowing for the early aesthetic to carry on in traditional fashion. Boston College’s “For Boston” holds the prestige of being the oldest known fight song, written in 1885.

And look, cheerleaders!