Times are tough in the Mile-High City. Joblessness is on the rise and both evictions and homelessness are ramping up with it; the streets are littered with tents, and homeless camps are popping up throughout the downtown area. The issue has never been more visible — and the City is finally taking steps to do something about it.

Not to stop homelessness or provide more services for those experiencing homelessness, mind you — but taking steps to make the problem less visible. They’re installing heavy boulders throughout the downtown area so that people can’t pitch their tents outside certain buildings or along the street.

 Photo credit of u/caprisunenema.

It’s a not-so passive-aggressive eviction notice — a clear message from the City: “you are not welcome in this space.”

Who made the decision to install these Boulders? How long will they be staying? And how many more does Denver plan on putting in place across the city?

There are no clear answers to those questions as of yet. But a few things are certain: first) whoever mows the grass or sweeps the sidewalks where these boulders are, now has a much more time-consuming job. And second) realistically, this tactic isn’t helping anyone get off of Denver's streets — it’s just getting homeless people out of sight, so they’re out of mind for those who live/work in these areas. It's a response instead of a remedy, and a brassy one, at that.

The City of Denver has yet to respond to Rooster's request for comment. 

 Photo credit of u/caprisunenema.