Denver is trying to stifle their reputation as "dankest 420 hesh party city" by passing this unbelievably Draconian legislation that would make the smell of marijuana illegal.

In a weird Draconian twist on Denver's weed law saga, Denver City Council officials are trying to pass legislation that makes the sight or smell of weed illegal. But go ahead, light up that monster bong, because you can still totally smoke it…Inside. Where no one can see or smell  you. Preferably in the basement. Maybe under a mattress. In the dark. Hopefully while pulsating with the uneasy guilt of not knowing whether you'll be sniffed out by your ever-vigilant neighbors! Welcome to hell, Denver.

That's right, players. If this shit passes, basically any sign of you smoking weed will be illegal. Athough actually smoking it is somehow A-OK. And, according to the potential law, it doesn't matter if you're smelling or smoking on your own property; the punishment is the same as it would be if you were caught on public property.

The legislation under consideration by the Denver City Council would include fun nuances like…

  • Making weed illegal in parks!
  • Making it illegal to smoke on your own property if smoke is visible to others or they can smell it!
  • A penalty of $999 or maximum jail sentence of 1 year can be imposed upon you if your neighbors can see or smell your weed smoke! Because, cool.

The law is part of a push by city government officials to make smoking weed in public illegal. But doesn't this go a little far? By extending the law to private property, they're extending the arm of Uncle Sam right up your butthole. Thankfully, the Colorado branch of the ACLU is protesting the law, saying that when marijuana was legalized in Colorado, it was done so with the understanding that it would be regulated like alcohol. ACLU-Colorado leader Mark Silverstein said, "No one risks a year in jail for drinking a beer in their fenced backyard, yet this ordinance would make criminals once again of persons who enjoy a legal joint on their back porch, if anyone can see or smell (it) from a public area or a nearby property." YEAH MARK, YOU TELL'EM.

But Denver mayor Michael Hancock says the purpose of the law is to clearly define where people can and can't enjoy marijuana legally. Which, according to this batshit crazy law, seems to be well-ventilated, secret underground lairs you can only enter once your precious and watchful neighbors are asleep. Oh, so that's what those tunnels under DIA are for.