Yes, even YOU can be the next Chad …

Do you love taking multiple selfies to choose from for your phone's background image or stop and smile every time a mirror presents itself? Because if so, you can sell part of your soul to reality television next weekend by joining the long-running Bachelor or Bachelorette series.

After being assaulted or paying entirely too much for parking on the 16th St Mall, head down to the Hard Rock Cafe between 4-8 p.m. next Thursday, June 30 to be considered.

Anyone wishing to be a part of it must be an actual living, breathing person, over the age of 21, not convicted of any felonies, and single, ready to mingle. View other requirements here if you're somehow still eligible.

Don't plan on going to that part of Denver anytime in the foreseeable future? You can apply online or mail in an application if you so choose. Though, hundreds of people who love talking about themselves will already have a substantial advantage, considering you couldn't get out of that succulent consulting job long enough to wait in line at a real life Tinder convention.

Do it, we dare you.