We're hot, smart and love the arts — but we can't make basic calls for anything in this city …

Denver and its surrounding areas are home to some of the hottest, smartest people in America, which contributes to the fact it's now the #1 city in the nation to live in. There isn't a whole lot we can't do 'round these parts … except make basic phone calls or live Tweet relentlessly about something like the rest of the world actually gives a shit. Because cell service here sucks.

It's not just you having issues with your phone, either. Based on a new study by RootMetrics, Denver is actually the 5th worst city in terms of overall connectivity. To track its numbers, RootMetrics took results from the top 125 most populated areas and ranked them according to six categories: Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data Performance, Call Performance, and Text Performance.

The geriatric speeds at which Denver clocks in at are in large part due to the population boom the city has garnered in the past few years, with certain mobile providers just not able to keep up with demand. (Enter, "I'm a native blah blah blah, don't move here whine whine whine" statement here.)

"In general, as carriers add customers, we have seen that networks slow down until the network catches up again," RootMetrics' Annette Hamilton tells the Denver Post. "We can't say for certain that this is or will be happening in Denver, but it is something we have seen in the past."

So while it's probably a good thing we're being held back from continually checking our phones every thirteen seconds like we're waiting for the pot to boil, not having connectivity when needed is just going to be another frustrating facet of growth. If we're forced to choose between a few bars and smarter, healthier neighbors, however, the choice is clear. Unlike our phone calls.


1. Atlanta, GA
1. Chicago, IL
1. Indianapolis, IN
4. Sacramento, CA
5. Rockford, IL


121. Denver, CO
122. Santa Rosa, CA
123. Lancaster, PA
124. Omaha, NE
125. Hudson Valley, NY