Once in a great while, someone attempts something so bold, so daring and so outright stupid that they become the stuff of folklore and mythos. More often than not, when it happens, the person behind the stunt doesn’t live to enjoy that fame and glory. Sometimes, however, they do — and when that happens they become local legends.

Such is the case for one Detroit man (whose name, the police have not yet released) who made national headlines this week after he drove his Dodge sedan over an open drawbridge at top speed, jumped it and crash landed on the other side, “Dukes of Hazard” style.

It was an amazing stunt. Made even more amazing by the fact that this driver was apparently ripping some phat whippets right before he punched the gas and charged the widening bridge gap. His windshield smashed on impact, the frame of the vehicle bent and the car became instantly undrivable.

When police arrested him and searched the car, they found the driver’s pink whipped cream dispenser (which, in the video below, you’ll see clearly on top of the car).

For Andre Locke, the drawbridge operator at the time of the incident, it was a first. He had seen much in his time at the bridge, but never had he seen anyone attempt anything quite this dumb.

He recalled in an interview, “I looked, and said, ‘No he ain’t.’”

But yes, yes he was. The car came in fast, Andre tried to hit the emergency stop button, but the bridge jammed, the car hit the gap, caught air and time slowed…

“Over he went,” said Locke. “Blew out all four of his tires and then crashed through that gate over there.”

The driver is currently in custody at The Detroit Detention Center and is facing charges for malicious destruction of property over $1000.

Drugs are one hell of a drug, kids.