Mobile strip club Booty Lounge has been resurrected, and is making its way around Detroit, spreading joy, HPV, and stripper glitter to those at tailgates and lawn parties citywide. Further proof that bankruptcy does not equal booty-ruptcy.

Booty Lounge is back! After its 2011 shutdown for possibly being illegal, the infamous mobile strip club is back and ready to spread the paychecks of Detroit residents even thinner, proving that even bankruptcy can't stop people from throwing what dollar bills they have left at juicy stripper booty.

Booty Lounge will magically materialize at Detroit Lion's games throughout the rest of the season, bringing joy and nipples to tailgaters in the stadium parking lot. And this time, it's equipped with an industrial-grade steel pole, comfy couches for ultimate relaxation, freshly polished mirrors, and wood floors, which is probably more than most Detroit residents can claim these days. Sounds unstoppable!

Rock on, sister!

And do you know what the most heartwarming thing about this love-shack-on-wheels is? A portion of the "donations" go to a breast cancer charity. So take that, bankruptcy. Take that, hard.