Fuckin' millennials …

Brett Sanders wants to be a rebel in the eyes of the Internet — and to some, he is. You see, this piece of work was caught going 9 mph over the speed limit in his hometown of Frisco, Texas. He tried to fight it in court and failed, eventually ending up with a $212.00 fine payable to the courts.

Instead of letting it go and manning up to the consequences of a clearly illegal action, Sanders decided to pay it with tens of thousands of pennies. As with anything these days, it was tossed up on YouTube to see how many clicks and likes it would get for showcasing his super rebellious behavior.

“I didn’t hurt anybody,” he told Buzzfeed in an interview. “I didn’t endanger anybody. My speed was safe for the conditions around me. I didn’t feel like I owed anybody anything.”

Because that's how laws work in this country. If you didn't feel like you hurt anybody when you murdered that one person, it doesn't count. Mulligan! 

“It felt good just from an emotional standpoint to just kind of stick it to them one last time,” he continues. “But at the end of the day, I left without $212. At least I proved my point and was able to share that with a lot of other people and spark a debate.”

No, he's right, we should just let anybody do what they want. It's also perfectly acceptable to take out anger on a poor receptionist who had nothing to do with the entire exchange between himself and the law.

The excruciating irony here is that he'll likely be paid for the millions of views the video has already garnered and feel that internal satisfaction of being validated by complete strangers on social media. Because that's our world now.

Fuckin' millennials …