Neither did we! That's a conversation-starter right there. You're welcome.

Out of all the concert venues, in all the cities, in all the states in this entire country, Boulder's Fox Theater ranks among the best, according to Rolling Stone.

Offering no more than this succint observation, Rolling Stone anointed facade of the Fox with the solemn honor of being the fourth-best place to try to see a show through the dense fog of marijuana smoke in the United States.

The former movie house mixes modern elegance with the everybody's-welcome warmth you'd expect from an old hippie town.

Old hippie town? Yes, Rolling Stone, shower us with hippie references galore! Shower us! Apparently we're not the only ones that enjoy the intimate size, carefully-curated selection of PBRs, and underage patrons belonging to the faintly urine-scented theater.

But Rolling Stone didn't just pick one Colorado venue to grace its illustrious list; Aspen's Belly Up and Denver's Bluebird Theater were also give the privledge of a place in concert venue infamy. So, with that, we'd like to congratulate Colorado for having three of the best venues in the entire country. ______________ (insert sentimental saying here). Let's all give ourselves a hearty pat on the back as we add these most recent accolades to Colorado's Wall of Winnings.

And here is the video that they chose the most fittingly describes why the Fox is #4.