No, although I have been called 'Sir' from time to time.

Favorite late night meal?
Salt & Vinegar chips or anything smothered in Buffalo sauce.

Best music to cry to:
Crying is subjective. I feel that it is always best to cry when you are triggered to do so, never hold that in. Music delivers an opportunity to be vulnerable and possibly shed tears, just like any other art form, and to emote what you are feeling in conjunction with what the artist is expressing is showing the best love towards yourself and to the artist.

What got you interested in art?
Art has always been an escape from what bores me. I am also very interested in challenging myself to come up with new ways to communicate with others.


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Do you feel like we take art seriously in America?
I believe that the seriousness of art is undermined in this country and that self-obsession is damaging the necessary bravado belonging to the artist.

What would you do differently in the art industry if you could?
I would start an institution that would allow creative minds to prosper without the fear of neglect, ridicule and poverty.

Are there any subject matters you'd ever refuse to paint?
Subject matter should never define an artist to the point of restricting them from being themselves, and so there is no subject that could ever hide or refrain me.

Where do you pull the most inspiration from?
Contradictions inspire me most. Imagining something that shouldn't be there or getting the sensation that something is wrong always intrigues my curiosity.

What's the strangest thing you've made art out of?
I attempted a gesture drawing in blood after picking a nail down too far, but it was on my left hand and it didn't turn out very well being that I'm right handed.

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