This thing makes growing pot pretty easy. Almost too easy. 

Growing your own weed is legal: you can have up to six plants per adult.

That's pretty cool, but goddamn it, growing the stuff is hard. Everything on the Internet says something different, the gear is expensive, and one wrong move can ruin the whole damn project. 

Thankfully, some hip techsters hit the drawing board and now have a solution for the lazy weed-growing enthusiast: Leaf. This thing is cool. 

Just look at your new urban workspace, with its abundant natural light, super computer-generated feel and tiny weed-growing machine:

Thanks to the robot's guiding hand, you basically can't kill your plants. It's controlled by your smartphone, and it gives you updates constantly. Wow. 

Space age tech, man. It's the wave of the future. If you wanna check out the entire presentation, here ya go:

The one snag is that it costs $1,500, but you can reserve one now for just $100 down, and they predict the price will go up in the future. You can check it out here

Now we just need to save up a month's worth of Taco Bell visits to afford this thing.