He also called him a "Kardashian" — shots fired, shots fired!

There aren't many other celebrities out there that keep it more honest than old-school hip-hop legends. They've been through the ringer and came up at a time when they shouldn't have existed in the eyes of the mob, fought through real adversity and completely altered the way casual listeners look at black artists and the black experience.

So when DJ Quik went off on Kanye West (a dude currently being sued because he lied about his new album) in an interview with #NoahTV, it wasn't any surprise that he had a few choice words (we'll call it, constructive criticism) for the artist that can't seem to get his shit together.

"His celebrity supersedes his talent right now," Quik admits right before calling him a "Kardashian" — feeling like his head just isn't in the game enough to be relevant like he has been in the past.

"This is a challenge, this ain't a diss," Quik explains. "Make your best music, because fans aren't stupid. They're just not."