The beautiful lady in the mug shot's name is Carrie Ann Billups. Like any responsible parent, she hid her $10 bag of cocaine under a bedroom lamp so that her 4-year-old son wouldn't get to it. Evidently her son has a nose like a Dutch Shepard because when Billups awoke the next morning, her son had snorted her cocaine and was beginning to vomit everywhere. Again being a responsible parent who just witnessed their young kid ingest cocaine, she gave him a glass of milk. Sure, if it works to strengthen bones, it must work to help flush cocaine out of the system. But when that didn't work, the 26-year-old took her son to the hospital where questions were asked and tests were given which ultimately indicated that the toddler was infact high on cocaine. Billups was charged with felony child abuse. 

Today a juge sentenced the parent to one year in jail but not before noting a few things about the case

"I don't think a 4-year-old would know how to snort cocaine unless he's seen it done somewhere," Arrington said. "The court is concerned about what's going to happen to this child when you are released if you continue to use cocaine."

Where is the boy after all of this? He's doing fine. But for some reason, he keeps sucking on alkaline batteries.