Finally! The powers of the Internet are being used for good instead of evil … 

All too often, the Internet is a raging cesspool of sadness and human depravity. Why can't anything good ever happen? Why do pedophile symbols have to be found on children's toys, or tiny Chinese women pressure other ladies into eating disorders with the "A4 Challenge," where people get psyched about having a waist the size of a piece of paper? It's pretty damn sad.

But every once and a while, something good actually happens — and there's no way people can get offended or complain or use it to masturbate. That magic is "Dog or Food" and it's a viral trend we can get behind. 

It all started with the hashtag #chihuahuaormuffin, and things adorably snowballed from there.

And as it branches away from food and into even more adorable dogs, we become even happier. We have hope for the world. 

But then, someone had to come in and make it terrible. We were wrong — the world is an awful place. 

Can't we have just one nice thing, Internet? Come on.