When will the hop-loving madness end?

We're not sure why, but microbreweries love adding more and more hops to beer. We blame hipsters. Want a double IPA? Triple? Quadruple black? Why the hell not? If hipsters will buy it, they're gonna keep making it. These days, most of the plentiful beer options in Colorado taste like chewing handfuls of weed.

But leave it to the whackos over on the East Coast to really overcompensate when it comes to the penis-size/overhopped beer competition that's going on. Dogfish Head, which makes decent beer if you're stranded in Delaware and can't get any of the good shit we make over here in Colorado, went full crazy and just released the hoppiest beer in the universe. 


According to the official guidelines from beer nerds, an IPA falls somewhere between 40-70 in International Bittering Units. For those that aren't technically inclined, an IBU is what makes you say, "That tastes gross, and only people who drink this ironically could enjoy it."

Double IPAs somewhere between 60-120. Bud Light is around 10. Dogfish Head’s Hoo Lawd ranks at a stomach-churning 658 IBU.

The weird-ass name comes from the sensation you get after you take your first drink. “It’s abnormally intense enough that it immediately leads to the abnormal spelling of words.” Dogfish founder and president Sam Calagione said, “as in, Hoo Lawd I can’t seem to stop myself from taking another sip even though this is DEFCON-five-hoppy!”

Sounds disgusting, but we can already imagine the hordes of mustachioed, scarf-wearing jerks that'll only drink this type of beer now. 

"Hoo Lawd isn't for everyone, but we've had a lot of fun and learned a lot about pushing the outer limits of hop-dosing volumes and techniques with this experimental brew," Sam said.

The beer will be available on tap at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in downtown Rehoboth Beach, DE today, and available at Extreme Beer Fest, held in Boston this spring of which Dogfish Head has been the title sponsor for many years.

You can bet that it'll show up at the Great American Beer Festival down in Denver this October, so hurry up and buy tickets already.