We’re not sure how much more basic and redundant we can make this statement, but: Having fun is fun. Whatever it is that you so choose to do to create that fun is entirely up to you. If somebody hates you because of it, well, they’re the dicks – not you. Having fun comes with a bit of responsibility though, because you can’t be the dick that ruins other people’s fun in lieu of your own. Be smart about it, and don’t mess up somebody else’s life because you wanted a few kicks in the pants on some nice afternoon with your besties.

Why are we on this particular tangent this morning? Because we’re pissed off at some of you losers in Miami right now. We’re not saying everyone that attended the Ultra Music Festival this past weekend is an asshole; in fact a high percentage of you aren’t. There were, however, a few who probably ruined the event for everyone else for years to come, and to you, we say, you are the assholes.

This past weekend marked the 16th annual Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL. On March 28, the first night of the weekend event, tragedy struck when an unruly crowd knocked down barriers and trampled a security guard doing her job and trying to protect the grounds. 28-year old Erica Mack was rushed to Miami’s Jackson Memorial hospital after she suffered severe brain hemorrhaging and a broken leg. She’s now reportedly in “critical, yet stable condition” and breathing on her own.

Most likely this unnecessary and completely negligent tragedy will mark the end of Ultra’s reign in Miami proper. Organizers have had issues with the city in the past, and just this year had to drop it back down to a one weekend-event, rather than the two it had done lately. Security concerns, the damage it had done to local businesses and the strain on emergency personnel have become too great. With an estimated 100,000+ revelers to the event, it seems too much for the city and now Mayor Tomas Regalado, along with city officials, are looking to put a stop to the festival.

So there you have it:  Some assholes who couldn’t wait in line like everybody else ruined the fun – along with Erica Mack’s life – and now Ultra will most likely have to find a new place to throw their annual shindig. With the rise in popularity of these mega-festivals it’s going to become increasingly harder to get city officials to green light these activities. Costs will go up due to the necessity for increased security / emergency personnel, and permits will no doubt rise in cost as time goes on.

This of course comes on the tail of a separate tragedy that struck the annual South by Southwest Festival earlier this month. 21-year old Rashad Owens is accused of plowing through a late-night crowd while he tried to avoid a DWI traffic stop. A fourth victim was pronounced dead just last Friday, Mar 28, from the injuries suffered on the March 13 incident. That brings the death total to four, with a few dozen more suffering serious injuries from the selfish act. Owens has been charged with capital murder for the crimes, one of the highest offenses in Texas courts.

While these incidents are rare in comparison to the overall attendance of festivals, they’re also completely avoidable and something we need to remember when we’re out having our jollies off the clock. As humans we should be expected not to tear down fences, stampeding people, or driving drunk through crowds because we don’t want to be pulled over. It’s a person’s own responsibility that need be of the utmost concern while having fun this summer.

If it’s cliché to say, “If you see something say something,” then by all means call us cliché Carl. We don’t want our fun ruined because you’re an asshole, and we certainly wouldn’t want our readers to experience anything like we’ve seen just in this short time of nice weather activities.

Now go forth, and responsibly get your jollies and take this sage advice along with you: Don’t be an asshat; nobody likes an asshat.