Moral of the story: Don't be gross.

If wanderlust‘s unrelenting grasp is yanking its influence towards San Francisco — or even Hamburg, Germany — one word of advice before safe travels: Don’t piss on the walls, those squirrely bastards are bound to piss on you back!

Ripping a page directly from a successful campaign in Germany, SanFran’s sanitation authorities are painting city walls with an ulta-protective paint that bounces liquids back to offending drawer-droppers.

The UV-coated, urine-repellent paint is a feat of scientific genius developed by Nissan to protect cars from dirt. Apparently the creators are inventing deities sent from a higher power to rid the world of disasters through means of synthetic majesty. May we say, they’ve killed two birds with one kidney stone ….

… and silence.

If we ever embed the technology into our own city, it would be interesting to see where drunken revelers would actually relieve themselves, considering Denver has all but one public restroom — catering to only those at one particular area of the city at exactly the right time. Either that or they’ll just point down and piss on the ground? Maybe developers and city officials haven’t thought this rather expensive trick all the way through.

More bathrooms and resources means more opportunities to piss away from the street, yes? But no, expensive pee-paint and torn bladders works just as well.

But really, the moral of the story here is don’t be gross. At all.

… and here's Germany's version. Relax, the video has subtitles …