The vault holds more weed seeds than fruit or vegetable seeds … shows where humanity's priorities are.

With most places in the world sweltering in record high heat, half the American West on fire, and Greenland melting like grilled cheese, scientists are going all-in on their Doomsday bets. Right now, there is a massive effort going on to preserve valuable plant species for future use in case the apocalypse strikes. A massive subterranean vault in Norway has been built and is storing seeds from around the world. Located in the subzero tundra of the Svalbard archipelago — built into the side of a mountain — the vault contains one of the most extensive "seed vaults" on Earth.

There's all sorts of fun stuff being preserved in the vault, you know, your run of the mill fruit and vegetable material … but more importantly, there are thousands upon thousands of marijuana seeds stored there for eternity to keep us nice and calm through the End Times.

The vault keeps an extensive catalog of seeds from across the globe, protecting them from climate change, war, pestilence, etc. The naturally frigid climate and thick permafrost is ideal for preservation. In fact, even if the facility's cooling system were to fail, the permafrost above and surrounding the facility would help to ensure the durability of the stored contents.

Keeping millions of seeds ‘alive’ over the course of several decades is very difficult. The low temperature helps to limit metabolic activity, thereby prolonging the life of the seeds for potentially thousands of years.

Amongst the common Earth food staples in the vault, such as corn, wheat, rice and soy, there are actually a surprising number of marijuana seeds being tucked away, to ensure our post-apocalyptic bong rips. analysis of Svalbard’s database notes: there are 21,500 cannabis seeds being held for safekeeping in the vault. Meaning there are more weed seeds than there are asparagus, blueberry or raspberry seeds stored at the facility.

In fact, there are more marijuana genetics in the stored than artichoke, cranberry and pear material combined, proving once and for all no one really likes fruits or vegetables, even scientists. Hell, they’re probably just keeping the apple seeds around as a reliable back-up bong fail-safe.

Since the facility opened in 2008, there have been 39 deposits of cannabis seeds. Only eight of the deposits are described in the database as ‘hemp,’ with the other 31 listed as ‘marijuana’ according to a report.

The deposited cannabis seeds come from at least 17 countries, including 1,000 seeds each from France, The Netherlands, Poland and Austria. Five hundred of the marijuana seeds, come from North Korea, a nation known for their human rights violations as well as their dank shatter. There are no marijuana seeds in the vault originating from the United States. The ultimate diss.

It's currently unclear what scientists think we need all this bud for; our guess is that doomsday survivors will be so shocked and traumatized that there are only like 12 of them left that they'll need a good toke in order to weather the massive depression and anxiety their survival brings. That, or there will be literally nothing to do except get high. At least humans are being uncharacteristically pro-active on this one. 420 forever … and ever … and ever.