The venture is not at all surprising, though …

When artists like P-Diddy and Jay Z were in the prime of dropping hits, cash flow was credible — it certainly wasn't anything to balk at. But the real money came when they started throwing their popularity around and slapping brands together that were (and currently are) worth way more than any album could ever be. Many artists have followed suit, too — the most recent of which is Drake, who announced his Virginia Black Whiskey brand will be released soon. 

There's little else known about it, aside from what he posted on Instagram. He does tentatively have a new album, Views From The 6, coming out in April, so if his marketing team is any the wiser we'll probably see it around the same time if it's ready.

What we're anticipating on the palate, however, is a lingering salty taste derived from the chemically enhanced synthetic flavoring inspired from the genetic structure of his tears. No alcohol is ever complete without savoring sadness, especially if it's from the king of emotions himself.