It's no secretion from an adrenal gland, but Mia Wallace would still be proud …

Pulp Fiction is a classic. No cinematic adventure before it or any in the future will be able to touch the masterpiece it is. For too long, however, we've been without a solid drink based off of the movie. Until now.

Introducing the Adrenaline Shot, inspired by Uma Thurman's epic overdose in the movie. Simple. Classic. Genius.


1.0 oz – Redbull
0.5 oz – Cherry Vodka
0.5 oz – Amaretto


  • Chill ingredients
  • Pour in small glass and stir well
  • Fill syringes (available at any Party City, or, like Amazon) w/ fluid
  • Shoot it
  • Stop OD'ing

Cover Art of Mia Wallace: caterangel on @DeviantArt