Oh Internet, that's enough out of you.

Ever since the dawn of boobs, they've been used for a variety of other practical purposes far outside the realm of biological intent.

According to this social media challenge, they make great pen holders. There's also rumors they make deft contraband smuggling devices. The list goes on.

Perhaps their greatest skill though, is getting liquid inside people. After all, boobs are where you take your first drink. They're the original source of refreshment.

But for grown boys and girls who've left the tit for the Tito's, boobs can also be used to luge booze. This is nothing new, but the viral Instagram hashtag #Booblugechallenge is, and it's blowing up social media in that particular way only an underwhelming thing given undue attention can.

Ungracefully dubbed #Boobluge because of its haunting similarity (not) to the Olympic Luge sledding, numerous videos of gleeful dudes and dudettes gulping booze between breasts have been uploaded to the Internet. One compilation on Facebook has clocked-up two million views and attracted thousands of comments, an impressive feat for something which was already a thing since forever.

Here's that guy for you:

Curiously, there's a fair amount of girls challenging themselves with the boob luge in this video, proving the sport is not just for the dude in neon swim trunks and flip flops listening to Pitbull by the pool … it's sorority-inclusive, too! How nice!

Tasteful? Probably not. Original? The opposite. Yet stalking the comments and history of the meme, it looks like the backlash hasn't quite caught up to the trend, so for now, #Boobluge continues to deluge, as it were.

What does this mean for your weekend? Expect cloudy, with a 100 percent change of every person named Kyle or Kylette on your feed posting "Me this weekend" posts. Challenging.

Although, the real challenge here seems like it would be asking for a boob luge without getting sucker punched in the process …