NO reason to get off the couch anymore. NONE!

You've thought about it once or twice. Admit it, you have. 

You're sitting dick deep in the couch on your fourth hour of The Night Of and think to yourself, "A burrito sounds delicious right now, but not exactly delicious enough for me to put on pants and go outside into the real world."

And if you weren't such a lazy sack, you might have a girlfriend or boyfriend to go get you one, but since that option seems completely off the table, Chipotle and X’s Project Wing (formerly Google) may very well be what saves you from starvation.

Enter the burrito delivery drone system thingy. Recently filmed by The Roanoke Times on the Virginia Tech campus, the new feat is apparently still in testing mode and not available to consumers right now — just waiting for the day it can get FAA approval and target college campuses like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Yet, while this feat of American ingenuity is going to change (and also save) lives, we couldn't help but notice how bland of a description the Times gave the historical event:

"A woman with a clipboard walked over somewhat unceremoniously, cut the string and carried the package back to a staging area where test subjects watched from behind a safety net.

The process was repeated about 10 times in a 30-minute span on Monday. Sometimes, multiple orders were brought in at the same time on two separate drones flying near each other."

Burrito delivering drones: Apparently not as exciting to some as others.